Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Day three...

Still GPRS so no pics, but its worth the trade off in location.

We started off in beautiful weather at 8am as we had a crew pick up at 11.30ish at the Toby carvery next to festival marina in Stoke

All very uneventful, a nice cruise up the Stoke locks. The canal is very much cleaner than anytime I have been through Stoke so well done BW and Stoke residents. Now the roads are completed and the landscaping is done is was a pleasure to come through.

We arrived with about 10 minutes to spare and picked up my mum and Ross at the pub. As we passed longport lake we were buzzed by the police helicopter, speaking to the lockie (or tunnellie) they were looking for a nude jogger/flasher - it was a nice warm day for it I suppose.

The tunnel was a good run then left onto new territory - The Macclesfield. So far so good - shallow but we knew that, but straight away very rural - so it bodes well.

While fishing tonight saw a large white owl - too big to be a barn owl so it must have been a snowy owl?

On past Congleton and to where ever we want to stop - now we have done the first pick up we can go 2 days out at what ever pace now. So long as there is a pub close by on the 16th - my birthday ...


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