Saturday, 20 September 2008

First autumnal visit

Well I suppose it is technically still summer and we are expecting a couple of nice days, but this morning at 6.45 it was distinctly autumnal. As this is via a GPRS link I'll add in 09,16,17 and 23 (to remind me of the photo's I have selected) when in contact with a faster connection.

This was late Friday night, a lovely still night when we took Leia for her walk

For the record we were on the boat last week 14th September but just for the day - or rather afternoon to check her after the holiday - I'm pleased to report she was fine.

This is the junction early the next day - 7ish It was a nice walk down the Coventry canal
The Coventry is not a canal we have done much cruising on. It will be a route we use for some of our winter cruising so I need to the books out and plan some routes.

This one shows the beauty of the area as the sun comes up.

So this weekend is for some R&R. I'm typing this after a lovely early morning walk and the fire is on now as I eat my breakfast in absolute tranquility.

Today is boat jobs to get her ready for the boat safety inspection and just prepare her for the winter. We do not leave her over the winter - We enjoy time aboard so its important to have her tip top ready.


Oh and I have just realised I have Shingles !!

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