Friday, 15 August 2008

Day five

I have some 3g tonight at Fourlane ends - which is the terminus of this trip.

The Macc is worth coming back to to get to the rend and onto Bugsworth (the original destination, sacrificed for more leisurely cruising. )

We pootled up from our mooring above Bosley locks through Macclesfield and to just before bridge 18.

Its my birthday tomorrow but the stop in bed will be foregone as we are moored next to a ledge so any moving boats scrape us, not pleasant. We'll wind then head for a meal at the Fools Nook (apt). Metcheck says light rain from 1 and heavy from 4 so I hope to be moored up mid afternoon ready for some beer !!

Anyhow some pics courtesy of Vodafone 3g....

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