Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Day 2....

GPRS today sos till no pics.

Bridge 70 to Barleston - that over 30 Bridges and 14 locks. We set off on pouring rain which lasted 3 hours -even the Heron at Great Heywood looked fed up. The rest of the day was sun shine and showers

Diesel and pump out at Anglo Welsh - very efficient and very friendly and very opemn - take heed Kings Bromley, then cruising steadily to Stone.

Stone visitor moorings were choc a block - no spaces at all - good job we were not stopping. Just as we came out of star lock an Black Prince boat sped off the 12 hour town moorings in front of us.... never mind, the bloke seemed OK, I marked him as a rep type - he was giving his two lads a hard time - called them wusses when they were struggling to open the lock gates, plus he was revving the tits off the hire boat, takes all sorts I suppose.

Got to just short of the westwood factory ready for a crew pick up tomorrow lunch time at festival marina - then onto the Macc - a new canal for us...


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