Monday, 26 May 2008

Carpets grass and fast boats

We took the Saturday sunshine as a cue to get to Waterlily for some carpet cleaning. The carpets were not bad but it was nice to freshen them up after our first years ownership. The first years ownership was reminded to me by the renewal notes for RCR and the insurers.

While Rachel did the carpets I did BW's job of trying to get the grass down. Last year they were very good and cut the moorings a few times. This year nothing. I did ask one f their guys who said he would talk to his boss......... He would have done it there and then but he was getting close to his 3 hours mowing and due to vibration he could mow no more..I really really hate this H&S bulls**t. I accept there should be common sense because we all have that and those with less, well that's natural selection for you !

In the end I only got half done - as the strimmer gave up and the spool just fell apart leaving a birds nest of line to play with.

One thing I do notice mooring near a lock landing is the speed of boats. Now I do not get all irate about this. I have better things to get irate about - but it did get me thinking that those boaters who do chastise people for their speed, this is their frustration breaker - indicative of the level and pace of issues in their lives- I hope that when I get on the cut full time ish I refrain from diluting my frustrations to such a level. Anyhow I notice the boats speed more because so many throttle down for the lock landing - and they have just passed a good 12 moored boats.

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