Tuesday, 6 May 2008

One more visit

As the weather was so nice yesterday afternoon, and Rachel was our with her mum, I took the opportunity to combine a couple of passions and took the scenic Ashbourne route to Waterlily on my Ducati.

It was a fine run out, with lots of other bikes out and about. Fradley was heaving with gongoozlers as expected, so I got to the boat and set to to try the starter battery. Went first time with seemingly lots of charge in the battery.

Now on Sunday morning I reconnected the Adverc battery management system. When we had the boat serviced at the end of last year the engineer suggested disconnecting the system as he advised it was more suited to continuous cruisers who ran the engines every day to charge the batteries and the system maxed the charge to the batteries to minimise the time the engine needed running. On reflection - I think this is only one aspect of the system as when connected it seemed to recover the started battery very well?

Anyhow I have topped up all the four batteries (3 x 11o ah leisure and one starter) I'll monitor them and see how we go. I also checked the weedhatch - a bugger of a job as its well under the counter and difficult to get at. Having not checked it since last years 4 counties it was good to find just a few bits of fishing line and some week on it.

On Sylph we used to check the weedhatch every day and it always has something on it!

So a few jobs done I returned home to mow the lawns - the fact I had the worlds largest garden at my disposal and one I did not have to tend, was not lost on me while I was mowing my lawns at home !

Now a fantastic week and no excuse to get on the boat, I don't think that will stop me......


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