Monday, 26 May 2008

Leia update

Leia is settling in very well, and the really good news is that the cat is accepting her. Yesterday they were sniffing each other and the cat meows at her rather than hisses - its great they look like getting along. Tamsin was in the garden with her yesterday which is great. The other cats bully Tamsin - so we are hoping the dog in the garden will keep the other cats out.

We are still house training Leia - which means breakfast and plenty of cups of tea and coffee in the garden while she does her stuff. Here she is with me (excuse the dressing gown) sitting in the summerhouse (still being built)
The first is her trying to work out where the camera sound is coming from - the second is me laughing at her reaction and her trying to lick my face. The images are from the web cam on the laptop as I'm blogging in the garden today.
It'll be another couple of weeks before she can go out for walks on the local park.
Now some boating stuff......

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