Sunday, 11 May 2008

Sunny Sunday

Well it was just too nice not to be at the boat.

We got to Fradley around 2ish and it was very busy. I wanted to fit a hour counter as the one on the tacho was not working. I have brought a digital one off ebay. Only problem was I needed to cut a 2" hole to fit it. I had brought a B&Q set but as suspected it was not up to the job. I need something a little more heavy duty - so it will go back to B&Q for a refund.

I swapped over the two toggle switches on that controlled the front light and bilge. Where they are located they were getting switched on by peoples bums as they lent against the side of the boat. I had brought a couple of "pull to make" switches heavy duty stuff - they went in well and the bilge now works as I swapped it with another that was on the boat. The bilge is nice and dry - there is a bucket that catches the drips from the overflow on the water cylinder - the bilge pump lives in there so it will make emptying it a lot easier. I expect the last bilge burnt out by being accidentally turned on - should not happen now.

Did a little canoeing before we left - I think the one I have at the boat is a little too sporty, it does not feel too stable - I have another I'll take over next time.


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