Sunday, 25 May 2008

Twenty questions

Andrew Denny recently starred in the 20 questions feature at the back of Canal boat magazine. He has suggested other bloggers less famous than himself provide their 20 answers - so here goes,

  1. Trent and Mersey
  2. Grand Union (I do not like wide locks) but I am sure there will be others worse that I have yet to travel on
  3. Rachel, my ever so forgiving wife
  4. Fox Evil by Minette Walters (if you do not count the ever present Nicholsons by the bed)
  5. Dusk at Fradley when the gongoozlers have gone and the rod and beer are out
  6. Anyone who thinks they have more right to be on the canals than another - especially some of the 'experienced' boaters who have no tolerance for the learners
  7. 1960's - all the free love etc........
  8. Stockton marina 2005 - just getting onto the stern, Rachel popped her head out of the door and I missed my footing and lowered myself into the cut - right at the end of the holiday !
  9. Fireman - might still get a blue light for the top of the boat !
  10. Have a lot bigger house
  11. The informed few
  12. Getting the rod out - that'll be the fishing rod
  13. No more boats or marinas, selfish or what
  14. Your staff in the main do a great job - your job is to allow them to keep doing it
  15. Windows - why would anyone want to restrict the view
  16. Cassette, appeals to the scrooge in me - but we have both for flexibility
  17. Canals - that's why my boat is narrow
  18. Ideally upright and moving......
  19. Two well capable sons and a loving marriage
  20. Ability to bring a smile to people's faces

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