Monday, 30 January 2012

Warming the boat

We have not been aboard Waterlily since the New Year....looking at the Blackberry weather reports today it was a long line of -'s topping out at -9 on Thursday night. That is fixture damaging temperature so I went over to the boat this afternoon and lit the fire and read slept while the boat warmed up. I will be aboard on and off this week keeping the temperature up to protect the boat from ice. Our neighbour reported ice breaking on her way to wind at Alrewas today. She was pumping out and watering up in case the cut froze over, a distinct possibility.

I really do have respect for those hardy lot living on the cut over a winter. Our mooring have zilch facilities so it's one hard slog for those who stay put. The boats are no doubt lovely and cosy - certainly ours is when the fire is in and the back boiler is feeding the central heating. It's the fetching and carrying plus the planning that must take its toll. It is a good walk just from the car park let alone pumping out and watering up.

Two boaters have told me of their ability , one semi forced, to go cruising this year, I am very envious of such freedom.


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