Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Government debt breaches one trillion what to do?

MyIntroducer.com | News | Government debt breaches one trillion

You have got to help me out on this one, I tried really hard last year to help by doing my bit and spending like a mad man.....it's hard but I did it, the motorcycle got changed, holidays were taken petrol used up as fast as I could ride my bike, and I spent on the hole in the water that I call my boat. Some have said that food was well consumed but when I look in the mirror at my naked form I see just muscle....

So I'll buckle down and try again this year, more petrol for the bike, diesel for the boat DIY (I'll pay someone for that) for the house and food for the body. Any other suggestions otherwise it'll go under the mattress and that is no good for Dave or George ?

What will you do ?


Halfie said...

In the old days, before Americanisation, what is now referred to as a "trillion" used to be a mere "billion", i.e. a million million or 10 to the power of 12.

I suppose an old "British" trillion was million million million, or 10 to the power of 18, but such vast numbers were more the province of astronomy, not economics.

I'm slightly surprised the Government hasn't gone back to the old system to make it sound less!

What will I do? Well, I'm hoping to buy a boat. Will that be a big enough spend?

Nev Wells said...


I tried to make sense of the numbers last night. It appears there is the American way which includes the scientific community then everyone else. It is still a truly scary amount of money and I'd hope no one would run their home finances the way we run our country finance re debt.

As to your spend, excellent. It must be so hard for brokers and boat sellers at the moment. I still have dithered over a couple of boats but more dreams than reality, plus I'd have to sell Waterlily and when i think of what we have put into her and the loss we would make....

Keep blogging about the search it is very interesting


Jim said...

When I hear that we are "£1 trillion" in debt it just makes me wonder exactly how much money is there in the UK? I seem to have got about 0.00001% of it!

Nev Wells said...


Better to have 0.00001% of cash than 0.00001% of debt imho.....

So come on lets have the 2012 cruising plans now you are retired and have that house sorted ??


Jim said...

Nev, Yes I do have plans and I'll be posting something soon!

Kevin said...

Apparently this HUGE number equates to EVERY man, woman & child owing an amazing £16,000 EACH!
Ouch, and here's me trying my very best to stay in the black whilst these morons are making me a debter :(