Monday, 9 January 2012

Shobnall ceases trading

Picked this up here

This is a real shame for the people involved and those loyal customers as with some exceptions I considered myself to be one. We used them for pump outs gas and coal plus the chandlery whenever we needed stuff.

It says so much about the way we do our buying business as well as the state of the waterways and how boaters are fairing in the recession. Unless you live aboard it is a significant luxury and for this reason it would be intolerable and short sighted if there is a thought boaters can be bled some more to support the waterways.

I liked going in there, there was good knowledge and it was a small but friendly operation. I hope those affected do not suffer financially too much, suppliers included. It would appear no boat owners are impacted. I understand the marina is still operating as normal and I'm sure it will be resurrected as a cut down operation, pump outs gas coal etc in the future.


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