Monday, 16 January 2012


I started writing this a little while ago but for my record......

We had a really nice few days on the boat over the New Year. I don't like New Years for personal reasons so I am always happy to receive the New Year and look forward....

One thing I have been contemplating is having my blog printed. I have seen others having done the same. I'd like it as a permanent memory of our first few years of proper boat ownership. Its expensive but what price memories?

The reason for the title is on reviewing my blog I notices the consistency of postings per year.

I made no effort to have the same number of postings in 2011 & 2010 and I was within a few more of less for the other years. it works out at about 3 posts a week.

Not NB  In Sanity Again (I wish Bruce and Sheila had called it More Insanity.... ) performance but better than Granny Buttons now does ! It is all about quality of course and most of my posts are ramblings but they are my ramblings and the longer I keep blogging the better as I am able to compare year by year what I am doing and what I have done.


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Eddie said...

Granny Who ? ;-)