Thursday, 26 January 2012

Property by the canal

Its as rare as rocking horse shit poo. We have a largish house with just two of us in it now and I have had drawn area searches on lots of places via Righmove  Nothing is coming up that remotely takes my fancy. We have a nice house and I would not move easily, but after looking for over a year now I don't think anything has come to my attention that I 'wanted'.

We have a good budget and would stretch it to get the right place. It has to be in the midlands ideally the T&M from Willington to Stone plus maybe the Caldon or Ashby. So if you know of someone selling or seen one, let me know. There may be a reward, a finders fee??

Another option is to buy the home on the canal. I have blogged about getting a bigger live-a-board boat recently. It seems an option that could put us on all three of these canals where and whenever we want. However this is not a long term retirement option -  sit watching the boats cruise on while feeding my chickens or fishing ..... dreamer or what !

The irony is I helped Andrew off Granny Buttons find a nice place in Willington. OK not on the canal but very local to it and other interesting features.

Anyhow it passes the evening ..........dreaming !



Alf said...

T&M Middlewich any good ?

Dave Winter said...

Bit of a long link but just copy and paste.
How about this:

From Dave Winter (brassiclint)

Nev Wells said...


Thanks for the comments.

Middlewich is a little far- was it or is it Wardle lock cottage...?

Dave, the Solihull property looks to have a fantastic garden. looking on google maps (satellite) the tree cover and the fact its a non tow path side of the canal would make it a great feature, alas it is a little too far away and too urban,

Keep looking !

Dave Winter said...

How about this.

Nev Wells said...


That last one looks interesting, I have asked for the details and it is on my watch list, a good find and one I missed, anymore?

Take care


Dave Winter said...

I think I have found your perfect home and mooring.See my blog.