Monday, 23 January 2012

Sunday walks part II

Busy busy busy at home this weekend and finally got out for some exercise Sunday Afternoon. I have to have a canal fix so we cheekily parked at Mercia marina and walked to Stenson and back. No photos because I forgot the camera.

It was a notable walk in that I recall we only met one other couple. The wind was a challenge especially the walk back which associated with the dusky time of the day and the weather was the reason for the lack of hardy souls .

We also saw a widebeam on the move. I like seeing them on the cut, they do present an alternate view of boating with very little water at each side at some points on the cut. Rachel thinks they look ungainly, I think they look menacing, especially if approaching from a weedy narrowboat, they have the air of the bully who is not going to move off his path and looks for a reason to bump shoulders with you to start a fight....I'm sure all wide beamers would not be so rude....


Heth said...

No we're not bullies Nev,

From the "other side of the boat" as it were, "the bullies" are narrowboaters with attitude who think they own the canal system. I dislike narrowboats simply because they have no space & erm "some" of them are ugly. But I respect that each to his own, & I wouldn't mention that on my own blog.

It always seems strange to me how narrowboaters get away with banging on about widebeams, whereas tbh, even if we don't like narrowboats we keep that to ourselves.

I'm sure if Rachel came for the Disney Tour round TT she'd change her mind about the ugly side, even the menacing side. There simply isn't one.


Nev Wells said...


Please don't take offense, as I said I like to see them. I was not suggesting captains of Wide beams are bullies, it was a clumsy metaphor for the space they take up on the canals.

I like to see different craft on the canals, and where we are located we don't see much other than narrowboats as we are on the narrow canals.

We will come and visit and no doubt be impressed with the space, to date we have avoided looking at wide beams in case we get our heads turned and I start planning something else,

Take care


Kevin said...

When you are in a hole stop digging! LOL
Anyway the truth of the matter is that it's Heth who's the bully and Takey Tazey which suffers from her bullying... have you seen the way she throws it around in the air and then drops it back in the water... poor boat! LOL

Heth said...

Hi Nev & Kev, (oo it rhymes)

It's ok Nev, I didn't take offence, & perhaps I was a tad grumpy about it. The main reason is the principle. No-ones ever said anything directly to us, but it has been heard by everyone with a widebeam. We're all aware of it & how petty it is.

Sorry if this is like a jigsaw,my cursor keeps disappearing!! What I meant to say was how could I possibly take offence from you anyway! You're too nice a guy!

Heth said...

Continued: Sorry about this am having real probs with keyboard here.

Kev, TT got her own back when we arrived here - all the mess. I'm sure it was retribution lol.