Tuesday, 10 May 2011

BW breaks my boat window :-(

My repair to protect it from bad weather.

I got a call late last week from the BW enforcements officer... hello I thought is my canoe an eyesore on the moorings... no she was phoning to tell me Fountain their contractors had broken one of the windows on my P&J whilst strimming next to my boat.

Aaarghhh... but she was so nice and as I deal with this sort of stuff all day I had a lot of empathy for her position.

So now I will be taking it back to Mercia Marina to have the window taken out and the glass replaced at the window company who supplied the windows.

Inconvenience - you bet. Question dear reader - how would you approach any recovery of my out of pocket expenses?

The nice note from the bloke who did it - can't be too harsh can I??


Captain Ahab said...

Bad luck Nev. I have always wondered how to replace glass in these units. I am guessing that only the manufacturers stock it,

Halfie said...

I think you reward their honesty and sincerity with not making any claim other than for the window itself. Part of the joy of boat ownership!

Mind you, those stones are HUGE!!!

Heth said...

No chance Nev,

RE would have to put his hand in his pocket & withdraw some cash rather than deposit it..


Nev Wells said...

Halfie.... just you wait till you have your own ;-) but I understand the sentiment, pay it forward etc etc. It still means I will be about 120 miles of fuel out of pocket. The 16 hours of cruising (2 days0 I can live with as it will be a cruise after all - that is why I have the boat.

Andy - I think because it was a new window it was laminated glass - I think if it was an older boat/window it would have plate glass in it and just shatter - nasty.

Heth, I'm sure BW will give me a refund on my mooring fees.... watch out for that flying pig !!


NB-BELLE said...

Hi Nev,

Should BW not cough up, YOU could try to force the issue by deducting the monies owed to you by BW from your mooring and/or licence fees when they are next due for payment! BW might baulk at this, but you could raise the profile by documenting the payment progress (or lack of) on your website (and others).

Cheers, Chris.