Sunday, 15 May 2011

Single handing - the broken window cruise

Makes you feel a bit special .....single handing a boat IMHO.

I took Waterlily down from Fradley to Willington on Friday the 13th ! All went very well. It was not too busy so I had to do most of the 8 locks without another boat coming through.

I decided that the best way was to bow haul the boat out to the lock throat (we were descending - we was me and Leia who was in charge of the boat in the locks of course) This saved climbing ladders or dropping onto the top of the boat.

Two major rain storms presented a challenge. The first one was dispactched by just sitting in Barton lock - perfect timing as no one was coming up. The second - the pics show the storm chasing me to Branston lock - was once again in Branston lock but there was a Shakespere boat coming up so me in my great full waterproofs and the poor holiday hirer in just her jeans and a rain coat.

Anyhow we made it and were joined by Rachel after her straight 7 days of very long hours just out of Willington . We were both ready for food and a little drink or three.

Now Waterlily is back with Justin at Aqua for the window to be repaired. He is going to take the whole window out and take it to the wndow supplier who will take the broken pane out and replace it.


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