Thursday, 12 May 2011

Posting a bit sparse....

That is because I have been out on my latest bike.

Last weekend I went to Scotland overnight. Stranraer to visit my good friends John and Carrie. It was a fantastic ride up there, one of the best times on a bike I'd say.

These two were so lovely - I almost started getting broody - just for a minute of course !!
These are the wind turbines we went up to help install late last year....very impressive.

Then on Sunday we did the complete opposite and did a Derbyshire ride with the Deauville owners club....100 miles of B roads and green lanes !!

Then this Sunday just gone on a whim I went to Bridlington for an ice cream. Once again a great ride on a great bike. You really should get one !!

Now back to canally stuff - my summer hols

Leicester ring
Macclesfield to Busgworth basin
Bancroft Basin
Caldon to the End

Any votes??

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Halfie said...

It gets my vote, Nev.