Friday, 29 April 2011

Electricity - about right

I purchased a 2kw inverter last year. It was only a couple of hundred pounds (!!) nothing like some of the stuff (Sterling?) that you can spend your cash on and no doubt they are great for extended or livaboards.

We wanted to be able to watch the tv without interference, lights, pumps, plus hair dryer (not guilty) iron and maybe the little Dyson we have.

Pre new batteries we tried the Dyson that would not have it. It kept overloading the inverter. I suspected the newness of the motor was not helping adding to the start up load. On the Ashby trip I got it working by new batteries and having the engine running at over 1500 rpm - seemed to ensure the inverter did not trip out on start up. The iron and hairdryer also work ok so we now have all we need.

The Dyson was a big hit as up until now we had to get the genny out so this means we can hoover up while on the move and do not need to take the genny with us.


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