Friday, 20 May 2011

Busy May

Took Waterlily back from Aqua at Mercia to Fradley today. The canals were quite quiet but all of Alrewas was full of boats and now opposite my mooring there are 4 boats. I have never seen 4 boats below Hunts so Fradley must also be full. Tomorrow will see the Shakespere boats come this way as well as the Aqua hire boats plus the canal timers....

There are busy and quiet days that do coincide with times of the week here at Fradley.

The trip back was good apart from that wind again. Only this time it was full on in my face so now I am sitting here with a whiskey with a wind burns face - not the whiskey of course !



Bruce in Sanity said...

You don't mention accosting young women at locks ;-}}

Just you wait 'til Sally next blogs, I've got her sitting right beside me just now, telling me a tale!

All the best


Nev Wells said...


It certainly generated a couple of questions from Rachel as we cruised away from the locks !!

I also made a right hash of the lock as I was pondering if it would be correct to ask for a photo for the blog.... but I reflected I had spooked Elanor enough with my questions about her mum and dad ! Rachel filled the lock without me knowing which pulled Waterlily onto the top gate with a bit of a thud. I can imagine Elanor and Sally thought ‘amateurs’!!

Take care