Thursday, 28 April 2011

Proof we made it

Ok , back to full boating and our Ashby trip.

Two years ago we only made it as far as Market Bosworth winding there. This time as we passed I was hoovering... see later post... and Rachel cruised us on past to waters new. We were undecided as to go for the end but I'm glad we did.

The tunnel is one of the best - just long enough to make it exciting but short enough not to get bored (and wet). There were very few boats moving so we had no problems even so we did the cautious approach to ensure it was clear
Rachel brought me a nice brass tunnel light to compliment the new cratch board we had when Waterlily was painted (she had a horrible port hole type before) It worked very well casting a lot of light in a great arc lighting up the tunnel sides and roof very well.

So here we are Watering up on what must be the highest pressures water point on the cut. It sounded like a jet engine whilst filling the tank.

So a complete canal done.

Not sure on the next destination. I'd like to do the Macclesfield canal to the end - but then I still have a hankering to cycle sea 2 sea??



Adam said...

I think you mean Market Bosworth, don't you? seeing as Market Drayton is on the Shroppie...

Nev Wells said...

Adam - good spot, corrected now - it's an age thing !!


Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Glad to hear that the waterpoint at the end is now ok, in February it was suffering from terminal leaks after the freeze, you needed a wet suit just to turn it on.

Nev Wells said...

Graham & Jill,

BW have done a good repair. I turned it on and the end of the hose started dancing all over the place - like a firemans hose !