Sunday, 17 April 2011

The little doggie that found Waterlily

Like Halfie we are back from our Ashby adventure. There will be a few stories and pics to come but for tonight I have to tell you about a little chap who came into our lives briefly.

Meet 'little dog'

You can see Leia is doing the pack hierarchy bit of not being interested!

We were by bridge 33 on the Coventry (between Nuneaton and Atherstone) on Thursday night. Friday just as we were getting set to depart a boater came along and asked if we had lost a Jack Russell, when we got to their boat they said they had two Wippets so could not keep him aboard. He had been outside their boat since the early hours looking very lost/abandoned. We agreed to take him aboard as we could not cruise on by. We had plans to ask passing boaters and generally see if we could find his owners.

Bottom line was no one had any ideas so he overnighted with us as we got to Hopwas. He is a lovely little dog very friendly very funny. Rachel had spoken to the local pubs and they spoke by phone to Ian on Ghosty Hill to see if he knew of anyone missing a dog. He had a few suggestions but no leads to the owner.

Saturday morning saw us act on the plan drawn up the night before in the Tame Otter (Callum our son had joined us at Hopwas) He and Rachel drove to a vets in Atherstone to see if he was chipped - no, so it was a agreed walk back to bridge 33 from Vally cruisers talking to boaters.

As it happens they met Ian off Ghosty Hill who agreed to take him in case he met with the owners.... bit he did also say he was aware of dogs being drowned in the cut locally !!

So the little dog is with Ian helping him deliver his coal and diesel at the moment. He seems to be well looked after and we were/are tempted to keep him ourselves. So if you know of anyone in that area who may have lost him. Please get in touch, he is worth the effort.



Anonymous said...

Wow, I guess Bosun is ok to share with a 'friend'?

Nev Wells said...

Hi S,

I hope so - we were very happy to leave him with Ian and I'm sure Bosun will make the guest comfortable...

Take care