Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Ponty the quick way

For those of you who own or have owned motorbikes - this may be of interest...?

I recently traded my Honda Deauville in for a minter of a Honda Pan European. This really is the pinnacle of my bike riding/owning to date.
Its a 1300 V4 and is soooo comfortable and very quick. On Tuesday I had the day off to myself so set off on a pre planned route to Barmouth via the 'aqueduct'

It was as you might imagine quite busy but all seem to be in good spirits. It really is a marvel and I resisted the temptation to cross on the trip boat - waiting to take Waterlily there and do it on my own boat.

After a coffee the roads just got better and better. From Bala to Barmouth the road was just perfect and so few cars to overtake. I was getting drunk on the bends. Motorcycling heaven it was. On the full trip I lost how many canal towns I passed and how many times I crossed different canals.

Last pic of the new bike by Bala lake...

Now do I do Scotland at the weekend or relax on the boat ?


Ann/Kev said...

Hi Nev,
Nice bike, Sadly our boat is for sale at Crick boat sales but in the meantime I have bought a BMW K1300 touring bike, I will look out for you as I tour around some of the canal areas on my bike
Kev (4evermoore)

Nev Wells said...


I was sorry to hear you were selling. A good replacement.... I was passed by a BMW on the A66 yersterday on my way to Stranraer... he must have had cruise control as he was pin on 100mph as soon as the road opened up. A good bike and a good alternative. Always up for a ride our especially if it involves the canals,

Take care


The Crew: Mike, Mags and Poppy! said...

Pan riders of the world unite!

I ride a 03 1300 pan everyday. Had her for about four years now. Did the TT on her two years ago. We have added 40K on her now. So just about run in. ;-)

Anonymous said...


That is a respectable mileage per year for your Pan... I am still smiling just thinking about owning mine. It is a fantastic bike. I can do 2-300 miles and feel really good afterwards. Some of my other bikes would see me in considerable discomfort after 100 miles !