Sunday, 24 April 2011

Busy early morning at Fradley

Must have had well over a dozen boats pass us already this morning. Seems many coming up from Alrewas so I expect Mercia is emptying for Easter. Good job we are staying put this visit.


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Bruce in Sanity said...

An iPhone, eh?

Steve Jobs knows where you've been!


Very very busy here by Hopwas woods, as well.


Nev Wells said...

LOL....I don't mind it is in the T&C's apparently. If he does check he will see we were checking out houses for sale in Alrewas at the back of the church. Squirrel cottage was one - it is a really loveley part of Alrewas for sure.

It has just quietened down about 6pm.

Take care


Halfie said...

Your iPhone post doesn't show up in my list of blogs, Nev. Your latest post is shown there as "The Ashby cruise fire ..."

Just thought I'd mention it...