Friday, 18 November 2011

Thank you for not boating (well until after dark for a few)

Took a trip out to Willington today and met....... one boat, a Shakespeare hire boat just before we moored up. That's just short of 6 hours of cruising and only one boat , it was great, we passed Batron turns full of boats and no doubt Mercia is the same all safely moored up so we can enjoy the canal to ourselves. Having moored up just before it got dark about 2 hours later we were passed by three boats, cruising in complete darkness. The last obviously winded in Willington as he was the same boat shining a powerful torch into the margins - what he was looking for I'm not sure.

The water is so clear as there is no traffic, we saw four pike, the last one was well over 15 pounds and about two foot long, a real canal monster. We also saw a kingfisher as well as a cormorant ( don't they stay underwater a long time)

Just a great cruise so thank you to all those boaters who stayed put, plus BW for the Stenson stoppage ;-)


Ps if you can donate tonight to Children in need please do so, let's show we still have a sense of balance in this country supporting those who need our help, however tight finances are.

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