Sunday, 6 November 2011

Chertsey makes it past Fradley - just

I was walking Leia this morning when I heard the thumping engine sound of a boat going into Common lock. It soon became apparent it was Chertsey making a dash (long dash) from the tidal Trent to Stretton via an engine repair and the Fradley stoppages tomorrow, Monday.

I introduced myself and had a chat with Hairy Neil and Paul who were the crew for the trip. It seems they has got involved with beer at pubs in Barton Under Needwood culminating in a late night at the Waterfront at Barton Turns marina.

They were remarkably fresh for their 1.30am bedtime ! I took Leia back to the boat setting Hunts for them, then got my windlass and helped lock them through Fradley.

So Sarah, the have cleared Fradley by about 7 hours as they left Shadehouse at 10am its a clear run to Stretton for the pairing with the butty.

It was good to see and hear such a fine boat..... temped you bet !

Chertsey passing Hunts lock waiting for Keepers

Out of Shadehouse with all the stoppage equipment sitting waiting until tomorrow....just in time, well done Neil and Paul


Sarah said...

Thank you Nev, I think it was much appreciated by the beery beardy ones. They were at Brewood by Monday night, where we (having got Bakewell to Stretton Monday morning and fetched the car from Stockton) joined them for, ahem, a few more beers. Chertsey finally arrived at Stretton and tied up to her new life partner at 11.30 am yesterday, whereupon we took Neil and Paul back to Torksey to collect Neil's car, and from there home, arriving in newhaven at 21.30.

Nev Wells said...


The lads were working well and had big smiles on their faces and were quite obviously in their element.

It's good when a plan comes together. To have both boats at their home mooring for the winter must be reassuring. Now the planning begins no doubt,

Take care