Thursday, 10 November 2011


...not the canals, as we know they are going to be a charity. This is about hospital care... clicky here

It is the final straw I feel in the drive for profit over performance. Sure they will turn it around but it will come at the cost to the patient, and profit will be taken. I fully object to poorly run public services, I am in the semi public service now (Education) but with correct management and focus services can be provided that deliver value for money. If it goes private there has to be an element of profit that should otherwise have been used for the care of the patient.

My overriding concern is as this government put our last key service to the market it will eventually be run by foreign companies that certainly have the profit imperative.

Ultimately I feel ashamed my generation has squandered an opportunity to do better and my children will reap the harvest of austerity that is sure to come. I feel we will have a decade or even a generation of which there will be little reward other than hard work and pressure to survive financially and therefore socially.

Not much of a legacy really is it?


PS I did say it was not all about canals in my title ;-)

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