Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The painting fund.....

I know we have only had Waterlily painted just over a year, but whatever you do the paint will fade/wear/get damaged. I am a fund saver type person so rather than get hit with another magnificent bill in about six years time I am going to start a fund for the next repaint. It is tempting fate as who knows what will happen in the next six or so years, but sods law says if I do not then six years will come by very quickly and Waterlily will look tatty again.

The added benefit is I can relax and not worry too much about the odd dink and scrape. There are plenty of boats that do not move in case they get marked I'm sure. I am at that time in my life the benefit of use it much more than the effort of maintenance - my motorbike is testament to that !

So say £75 a month going forward will be salted away under a mattress or even in a bank somewhere for 'the future'


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