Thursday, 24 November 2011

Spot the blogger.....

.....soon to be two I understand.


Halfie said...

Mercia Marina, I presume, but the photo's resolution isn't good enough for me to identify the blogger you mean. I know Sanity Again is supposed to be there, and that Takey Tezey will be making a big splash there soon...

Adam said...

Sanity Again's stern can be seen in the middle of the photo -- although the sunshine seems to be reflecting off the name.

Bruce in Sanity said...

I see, spying on us now!


A bit further to the right is Adagio, Barry and Sue + Duffy, though they are of the boat at the moment.



Nev Wells said...


I was looking for our personal lock wheeler, do you know we had to go all the way back to Fradley and do the locks ON OUR OWN !!


Heth said...

Hi Nev,

One of those spotty bloggers in question here. If you've been following the torrid tale you'll know where we're at amidst the chaos(figuritively speaking).

So basically, you've still got time to pack up yer bags & evecuate the area before the notorious Takey Tezey arrives on Tuesday lol.

PS: Dave said to ask how much the fishing police guy wanted you to pay? Oh, & did you get away with it because of your rod licence? (As is right & proper) even I know that!


Nev Wells said...


I think we will wait and see how much you and Dave liven up the willage.

Re the fishing, no day tickets and my rod license was not enough to content the little man. It seemed it was his hobby spoiling the holiday for the boaters. It is Pride of Derby waters, so you can get a ticket and fish the canal as well as some lakes and parts of the Trent and Derwent. When Dave is settled I know of three lakes for £5 a day have some great carp and silver fish in them in a really peaceful setting.

Take care