Thursday, 7 October 2010

Spot the problem.....

Whilst fishing at Woodend on Tuesday I heard a boat approaching that after passing got my attention.....

I like the sound of the wet exhausts burbling and gurgling away - I would not like one as understand they have some maintenance issues, mud boxes I think they are called, no doubt for a good reason?

However the boat appeared to have a normal silenced exhaust that was perilously close to the waterline, not helped by the three blokes on the counter.

No doubt whilst running the pressure of the exhaust gasses will keep the water out, but all it would take would be a speeding boater (they do exist you know) and unless there is a large swan neck within the exhaust system the engine could get water ingress.

My understanding it that the counter should be about an inch or so in the water to make the boat travel through the water efficiently. This must put drag on the forward momentum of the boat.

Anyhow they were making progress so it couldn't be that bad??



Martin said...

Other than that, they appear to be intending to ram the lock gate!

Nev Wells said...


Nothing like as bad as the Anglo Welsh boat that I waited for when I was going down Woodend later that day. He just used the top gate as a brake really hitting it hard. he did not use reverse at all, maybe he did not know that was how to slow his boat down? His oppo then opened the gate paddle first almost flooding the does once again make we wonder if they get instruction and indeed how much they listen.