Friday, 8 October 2010

Bruce costs me a ton plus a Paul McKenna

That's £110 to you.

The price I have just paid for one of these....

For those not sure it is a Kindle

Bruce in Sanity Again gave a very good review of them in a recent blog post here.... it persuaded me as I can't pass over a good gadget. Also I don't like holding large books or for that matter moving them around. The other benefit is that by using the Kindle App on my iPhone (see I can't resist a gadget) I can read my books from the point I left it on the Kindle on my iPhone and vice versa. Having said that I hope to have my Kindle with me more often.

I started with Tony Blair's recent book, which I have in print but immediately find it easier to read on the kindle, plus I have brought Narrow Dog to some where in southern France, Terry Darlington's much read book. Only down side so far is I cannot find Josie Dew's books which was a test for the book store.

Finally I do feel like a bit of a I am a time served printer in a previous life and taking books electronically will mean a more pressure on an already pressured industry.

I'll hang on to the environmental angle to balance the conscience,


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Captain Ahab said...

So how much do electronic books cost to download?