Saturday, 23 October 2010

It must be cheaper to live aboard?

Andrew on Granny Buttons has an interesting blog post about beating the recession by living aboard. Not Andrew himself although he is/will be a continuous livaboard cruiser soon from his previous blogs.

Link here.....

In my opinion it is all relative to your personal circumstances. Based on what we pay out each month I know it would be a hell of a lot cheaper to live aboard.

Council tax
Water rates
Sky tv
Contents insurance, Building insurance
Car (insurance, tax mot, petrol servicing)
House maintenance

RCR membership

All on going costs I suppose.

The real deal is depreciation of the boat against the inflation of value of the house. We could sell up put a tidy lump sum in the bank and enjoy a low cost existence. However it is in my opinion a one way street, getting back on the housing ladder for old age or just when you are fed up with the waterways or the waterways close down (see previous post) would be very difficult. Especially so if at some point in the future there is another rise in house prices. Best bet is to buy something small rent it out so you have something to fall back on. I suppose that is if you can afford to do so. if you can't then I'd suggest you don't sell in the first place as there will be more holes in the social safety net going forward that you will rely on if you have no house to live it when old/ill/ or fed up with the waterworld lifestyle..

Oh and then there are you dependants, if they want to come visit or stay. You are not only casting yourself adrift ?

All personal thoughts, if it works for you great, enjoy.


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