Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Favourite weather

Topical as we are having a poor summer so far. It got me thinking about what is my favourite weather. This has to be thunderstorms. I walked to the local shops from my place of work recently in a thunderstorm. There was a clap of thunder right overhead - it was so powerful and just above my head - great.

Its the expecation - dark clouds, distant rumbles then a few blobs of rain then a full show of wind lights sound and water.

Best I had on the cut was during our hire boat days when we were chased by a storm that eventually caught us on the narrows just before the Plum Pudding at Armatage. I got so wet just mooring up.

It goes without saying wind on the cut is my least favourite weather !

The Photo was taken walking back just after the storm to my workplace.


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