Thursday, 13 August 2009

Mobile internet geocaching and towpath conversations

So we are on the boat again. I'm taking some leave so Rachel came to me tonight after work and will do the same tomorrow.

Plenty to say but seemingly little time to say it.

1. I now have fast internet on the boat thanks the Chris from NB Belle He advised Orange were the best for this area so I have experimented with their freedom contract (I can cancel giving 30 days notice) and am typing this with 3g+ connection and streaming music from spotify This has been a bit of a holy grail for me so I am well pleased - I can stream my sky subscription to my computer plus use BBC's iPlayer

My youngest son and his girlfriend drove me over today - that makes me feel old already. While we were fishing I mentioned a geocache across the cut that I was going to find in the morning so he and his girlfriend nipped over with my phone using Geoscout and promptly found it. It did not take him long to download a slick iphone app for geocaching.

Finally an observation - people do not realise now much you can hear across the cut. Last time I was aboard a young couple came by having a very big argument about their relationship. Today the same, another couple having a heart to heart - at least this time the lady wasn't crying. So be aware its not an ocean !

Finaly finally I saw three shooting stars tonight - part of the comet passing through. You can't beat the countryside for viewing the sky at night.


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