Monday, 17 August 2009

Cruising time soon and a paint job

We took a decision after our trip up the Caldon to sit the summer holidays tight. We have had a complete reversal in recent years from only being able to cruise during the kids holidays to not now having to. We like autumn and winter cruising so it suits us even more.

Its been quite busy at Fradley over the last few days. I wonder how many are heading for a four counties disappointment with the Shebdon embankment stoppage.

All the jobs I had ID'd to get done did get done while aboard. I really enjoyed my couple of days pretending to be a livaboard. We are a bit hemmed in at the moment as BW saw fit to tender a 62 foot mooring at 71 feet so whilst we have not had to move the new boat is right up fender to fender with us. Hopefully in a few weeks when a 45 footer moves on we may get a little more space..... unless BW decide to tender that one ?

We have made a decision on getting Waterlily painted in the New Year. Just got to save up for it ! I think we will be going local for the paint job but that will have to be negotiated - watch this space.

We have a colour scheme from a photo of another boat that hopefully will make the job easier to describe.



Starcross said...

Hi Nev,
So you've bitten the bullet on the paint job then!

I'd be interested to learn who you chose for the job and how you get on.


Nev Wells said...


She needs it and daft as it sounds I'm sure we'll enjoy her all the more when she has new colours.

I was talking to Ralph in the brokerage at Mercia some time back and he put paint jobs into perspective, based on the life of a decent paint job, both wear and tear and also loss of top coat. also the value of the boat being painted - all these came together to make me realise a Phil Speight job was not value for money for Waterlily. I have seen a few examples of Stensons work and as they are local to me it will be them I will go to. Ray at Streethay was an option but I cannot ever get a fixed price!

Hopefully in the next few weeks we will get a slot and then plan the small cruise to Stenson.