Saturday, 8 August 2009

Rib's 'n' bees

Waterlily has bitten back - again.

When I was aboard with a few mates towards the end of last year I managed to crack a rib or thought I had - it was dislocated cartilage. Painful and took months to get right. Last night whilst on the boat for a simple overnighter I caught a fine roach and instead of using my landing net I tried to hand the fish out and out all my weight onto my ribs and heard the same crack and now I am in pain again. Problem is last time I managed to overdose on anti-inflammatory's and ended up on tablets to repair my stomach lining Pillock or what !!

Bees..... when we got to Waterlily last night we could not work out why only part of our mooring had been strimmed by BW. Then I noticed the bees nest entrance in the ground was covered in white powder. I suspect they disturbed the bees and they came out to protest. Instead of moving on the BW workers must have dusted the entrance and killed them !!

Bees have been in the news recently due to their decline so I am amazed BW have such an anti nature approach. I feel an email to BW is necessary.



Linda said...

Totally agree!! Poor bees!!

Halfie said...

Could they have been wasps?

Nev Wells said...


Certainly were bees - poor things.