Wednesday, 19 November 2008


I think leaves would make a great secret weapon, they seem to have the ability to totally disrupt forward movement of trains and boats very well.

On our trip back from Great Haywood we were having to put Waterlily in reverse every few hundred yards to clear the leaves. It is amazing how they can interfere with such power and normal reliable forward progress. As we passed the entrance to Kings Bromley marina another boater told us it was like canal soup near Woodend lock.....she was not wrong

There was no drive out of the lock so we had to bow haul Waterlily from the lock. Even after we were clear our progress was very slow due to leaves just after the lock. It made for good spectator sport for the boaters who were aboard their moored boats just after the lock.

The sun was setting as we went through Fradley - anyone who knows Fradley Junction will be aware of the popularity of the moorings opposite the cafe... this was the view as we came down junction lock. Just one boat moored up which was a Shakespeare hire boat.

These are some of the sunset photo's I just cannot resist.

I know these photo's are not in a sequence time or location wise, but this couple are of some of my favorites parts of the canal just after Rugely overlooking Cannock chase.

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