Sunday, 9 November 2008

Sanctuary ;-)

We are back from our New York trip. It was an experience, something I am glad I have done, but it does concern me over the ease of travel and the sprawling conurbation that makes up this part of America. When we were travelling to the airport it was light factories and cars as far as the eye could see. It reminded me of 'Blade Runner' very dark indeed. But non the less there was a lot of good things we saw and did.

Also I'm still running on New York time - quarter to two in the morning as I type this

But now its back to normality, work on Monday etc etc. Before that we are going to the boat to check her out and turn her around ready for my three men in a boat trip..... next weekend. Its good she is serviced and has a nice new boat safety certifcate. I am glad I did this before the trip abroad

For the weekender we will head up the Trent and Mersey, look out Sanity !!


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Anonymous said...

"To bad she won't live. But then, who does?" Uncle Ho