Monday, 17 November 2008

Just so quiet

I am on the Waterlily with a couple of friend for a few days. We loaded up on Friday and winded before waiting at Fradly or our last crew member. When we winded at Alrewas I hailed Bruce and Sheila on NB Sanity and had a pleasant chat before catching Waterlily back up. What a nice couple.

We set off Saturday lunch time (cards till 2am and some beer). Rachel did a sterling job of bringing those items I forgot to me before we got past Shadehouse lock. The weather was really nice until mid afternoon wen it started a fine drizzle. We moored up at Bridge 70 and went to the Wolsey pub for a good meal.

Another latish start after another late night 2.30 .... saw up take a wise decision to wind just before Weston on Trent and walk up to the Saracens head for some beer and a pub quiz. The days cruising was notable for the amount of leaves in the cut and how they slow the boat down until a blast of reverse clears them from the swim. We got back to the boat and drank some beer and went through one of those 'topics' card blocks - 5.30 am saw us to bed !!

Today was cold and damp - a big fry up got us sorted for the trip back to bridge 70 after watering at Great Heywood. There is hardly anything moving on the cut, mainly ownerships boats and some private boats - maybe half a dozen all day? All the favorite moorings in this area are free - just 3 boats above the lock at Great Heywood and four below the lock. There is only us and one other private boat on the bridge 70 moorings.

Tomorrow will be a cruise back to Fradley - five hours or so.

For the record Swanline at Fradley are asking for the split when diesel is brought. The guy has a very realistic approach, he knows he will miss other sales (pump outs and gas) if he forces people to falsely declare.

I see many are talking about buying white diesel from forecourts and filling themselves - I fear more pollution will be the inevitable consequence of this, but if it is cheaper?


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