Saturday, 15 March 2008

So Comet goes......

I like trust, when realised it give you a real lift and makes the world seem just a little better.

I had only met Josie on one occasion - when she brought my boat. I gave her my bank details, a receipt for £100 she transferred lots of money to me.

We arranged to meet at Comet 2pm and once again is was a fantastically sunny Saturday. We were still emptying personal things when Josie arrived. She turned up with her fella, who was a nice Polish chap with limited English, but he certainly beat me compared to my Polish.

We chatted and I asked how much experience they had of boats and what were their plans. Josie happily told me this was the second time she had been on a narrowboat - the first time being when she viewed Comet. She then said they needed to be in Tamworth before the shops shut as they had no bedding and were living on the boat from today !!

Can't fault that approach and in some ways I admired and envied the unconcerned, "take it as it comes" attitude.

So we agreed to help them through the three locks to the junction and get them onto the Coventry. I took them through the basics of the boat - it is/was a basic boat anyhow. The polish lad (can't remember his name) was very good and took the tiller straight away. We got them pointing to Tamworth, shook their hands, wished them luck and stepped off Comet, with a little sadness as we knew she was a good little boat.

So now no boat, just some work with the brokers to try and get Waterlily....... another story.

Comet - Owned by us January - June 2007

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