Friday, 7 March 2008

Most favouritist pub....

Sue comments that the Greyhound at Hawkesbury Junction is one of her favourite pubs on the system. You might imagine there a few nice ones around, and I'm sure I will find more. I do like the 'non chain' flavours. The chain pubs are ok if you want a guaranteed standard - we spent one week eating mainly Toby Carvery's as the lads (when they wanted to come with us) really liked the help yourself approach.

But nicest pub (to date ) is another Greyhound at Burston, between Weston on Trent and Stone. The walk through the village is a nice aperitif for the beer or meal. I do think that memories of a few nice times in the pub also help.

Good old beer.....

When Grandpa is away....... (on the toilet)

The Grandson and son in law come out to play.......

Spot the common theme..... ;-)

It is one we will be stopping at later this year when we head that way to do the Macclesfield


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