Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The sale of Comet.....

So to catch up, I had to sell Comet. I had sold our share in Sylph and registered my interest in Waterlily - so I decided, as I spent a great deal of my time on Apollo duck, (daft name, only I remember it !) it might be worth a go. At this time I really did not think it would all fall together.

I recall it did not take me too long to write up some text and add in some photo's I had taken while I was waiting for the Whilton chap to value Comet.

Looking at these again she was (is) a nice boat inside. We had spent a long weekend getting her clean inside ..

Anyhow I could not believe the number of 'hits' the advert got within the first 48 hours - well over a thousand, and then the emails and telephone calls started. I think at the height I had 10 interested parties (even after she was sold I got people emailing asking to be 'first reserve' if the sale fell through) I think boats at this price with a tidy interior and good recent survey are fast sellers and so it was with Comet.
I think it was a Thursday afternoon after the ad had been in the previous weekend I got a call from a guy who was very interested and wanted to view. We arranged 4pm as he was travelling from Stockport. 2.30 pm I got another call from a lady who said she was interested. I explained about the guy from Stockport. She told me she was standing opposite and was very interested and could she view asap. So with a little reservation I upped and drove over a little earlier than planned to meet her.

I recall them crossing Hunts lock to the gate to meet me, two ladies an older gent and a young lad - not what I was expecting. They were all very friendly and the guy knowledgeable - he was a friend who had been brought along to check the boat over.
Josie was very interested so I left them inside to discuss their position, a couple of minutes later the asked what I would take...... as I had the guy coming from Stockport I cheekily said I could only take the asking price, unless they wanted to wait to see what the Stockport guy though of it, if he offered me full price I'd take it, if not then they could make me an offer.
Bottom line - Josie paid the full price and brought it there and then with £100 deposit. I really felt bad when I phoned the Stockport guy back and said the boat was sold - especially as he was just pulling into Fradley - ouch !!

Just the small detail of getting the balance and we would be boatless ......... but was Waterlily still for sale and would she survey OK......
But before all that we had to send Comet on her way - another little story to be told.......


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