Sunday, 30 March 2008

No boats but bikes today

Can't get much more of a contrast than bikes and boats. Four MPH against a lot more MPH. As we were at a 'dedication' (the pre curser to a baptism) in the afternoon, I took advantage of some un -forecasted sunshine and took my Ducati out for a run, and so much the better I felt for it afterwards.

My Ducati 750 is quite the perfect motorbike for what I want. its V twin engine is soooo torquey lot of grunt and plenty of engine breaking makes for a easy smooth ride.

Its not the rocket ship that my other bikes have been but on today's road there is less opportunity of enjoying the performance of such bikes.

So today was bikes not boats.

Now on to the purchase of Waterlily.........


Anonymous said...

Is this it; Spring has sprung, no salt, less rain, so I can get my Duke out now as well? This of course is only on the understanding that I will not need to spend even more hours cleaning muck and crud off two bikes instead of one. Chris.

Nev Wells said...

Permission to get the Duke out Mr Wells. The rain I don't mind - its the salt that is the killer, as I'm sure your Fazer will testify to.

when everyou fancy a run out, so long as you keep it to third gear just say and we can meet up on the 515 for a jaunt onto Derbyshire, you know you want to.....