Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Bones on Bones

This is a Bones challenge - see here for some background.

So over to you Ms Bones.... any idea what I found?

A video to help the identification

A big thank you to John for indulging me in the weired request - hey John, can you photograph the skull I left behind on your bathroom window and email it over to me......



MortimerBones said...

My beloved Uncle who has been promoted to hero of late tells me that this is not a skull at all! It is the sacrum of a large bird. Probably a goose or swan at a guess. It depends where it was found and then the habitat should give it away.

If it was a skull it would make a rather interesting Animal... I wonder what skeletons would be like these days if a school project was set up to make a moving creature with an internal skeleton...

Nev Wells said...

Mmmm I took it for a skull as I thought the two sockets on either side were eye sockets. I found it on the sea shore (she pic on previous blog entry) of the northern shores of the peninsular close to Stranraer.

Does the location make the identification any more certain?