Monday, 23 April 2012

Where's Waterlily

Bit of a catch up for blog completeness.

We  (Rachel) wanted a bit more space in bed so we got a price for a bed extension from Justin at Aqua. The Sunday before Easter we rode to Waterlily after having left our car at Mercia Marina. We overnighted and then welcomed our good friends John & Carrie with their twins Alba and Isabella for the trip to Willington. It was a much better weather day than we expected and we had a great trip down. Both dogs (Leia was left at home) fell in very quickly then walked most of the way with the adults joining them in turns to keep the girls happy.

We ended up with a late arrival and after having juggled cars it was dark when we left. Still a nice day in good company. Just need to get the boat back now !

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