Thursday, 26 April 2012

Caldon by rail

As Waterlily was being 'adjusted' and Easter was upon us we booked a Sunday lunch by train on the Churnet Valley railway. This ticked three boxes,
  1. Railway
  2. Canal
  3. Parents
The weather was not the best but we did feel a little special being pointed at at the stations as we arrived eating in the 'reserved' carriage.

It is a great heritage railway and when complete will be the longest in the country, even picking up at Stoke to Alton towers!

It follows the Caldon canal in the Churnet valley and should be on everyone's list if you are doing the Caldon.

There is the canal just as we come into Consall forge.

 I suppose the only disappointment was no steam as their engines were behind schedule being winter fettled. I do like the old diesels class 33 Captain Charles for the record. 


Halfie said...

Nothing wrong with diesels!

We used to belong to the North Norfolk Railway society but never did the Sunday lunch thing on their restaurant train. Then it was out of action for a number of years. The Churnet Valley dining thing looks good.

Nev Wells said...

Certainly to be recommended when you bring your OWN boat this way again.....

I also like old diesels. The class 45 Deltic looked so powerful - my favourite for sure.