Saturday, 21 April 2012

That new boat feeling

I took time out on Friday to nip over to Willington to meet Halfie and Jan as they brought their new (to them) boat up from Kegworth. I had been given an eta of 2.30 but having walked to Findern and then met a canal time on its own I calculated they were running behind schedule.

I turned and walked back as far as Mercia Marina then got a call saying they were just passing Findern. a quick about turn hopped up onto the bridge that gets you to Mercia for this shot.

I was able to have a little go and she felt a good solid boat with a more than adequate engine. Inside she is fantastic, and I can't recall seeing two happier people !

Nice to finally meet you Halfie and Jan, and many many years of safe and happy cruising in her.


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1 comment:

Halfie said...

Thanks Nev - it was good meeting you. Sorry you couldn't have stayed longer.