Monday, 15 August 2011

Me dongle is dead !

It was loaned out to my lad who has just moved into a flat in Leeds. While his broadband was being ordered he borrowed my Solwise router and orange dongle. On return he told me it had stopped working halfway through the week. A little later he also told me his freezer had stopped working and he suspected the socket. Landlord came out and it was a dodgy socket, replaced freezer back up and working.

I then loaned the router and dongle out to anther boater to check a particular problem and he could not get the dongle connected.

Playtime this afternoon resulted in a call to Orange and a diagnosis my dongle was expired. Apparently the ariel on these is a particular weakness.

Only problem is the latest Orange dongle does not have the external ariel socket. So it's more investigation on the Internet as to what is the best option..... He rather helpfully suggested a Wibi which is to be investigated.

So if you have an orange e160 stick gathering dust I'm your man.

Bst bit about the demise of the dongle was I found my water pump was leaking........



Bruce in Sanity said...

Have you checked out eBay?



Nev Wells said...


I have looked and there are plenty about, around the £20-£30 mark. I have a 3 dongle at home that I'm note sure will take the ariel, I'll check that first then if no success it will be eBay. Thanks for the advice,

Take care


Adam said...

We have a dongle (and now a MiFi) with no ariel socket, so we got one of these that wraps round the dongle. Surprisingly, being touch only, it actually does work.

Andrew Denny said...

In addition to a Mifi, I also use the T-Mobile equivalent, the 'Wireless Pointer'. It has an external antenna socket.

It doesn't seem to have quite the reach of the Mifi without the external antenna, but I do find T-Mobile's signals more consistent as I cruise.

I reviewed the Pointer in WW earlier this year.

Anonymous said...

I have a spare one you can have. We are in Cropredy at the present time although if you email me your address I could post it to you.


Nev Wells said...

Thanks you all for your comments, very helpful.

Alan, thank you for your kind offer, I cannot find your email address on your blog.... mine is if you can email me I'll expand ...