Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Good deed for the day

Now BW or their contractors fountain are not mowing the bank next to our boat we decided to visit after work on a DIY mission. Suitably tooled up we approached Hunts lock where an hire boat was descending. Going across the top gate the crew started revving hard but the boat was being drawn back to the cill the pole was being deployed and some panic was setting in. I shouted for them to drop the paddles which one did and the other crew member was floundering so I ran up and took the windlass and dropped it before running back and opening the top paddle to get the boat stable. The lady steerer was quite upset she had done nothing wrong and was pleased to hear the fact they had left one of the ground paddle up. The combination of two emptying and one filling with it's fradley undertow pulled the boat back over the cill. We just got the boat stopped and enough water under the boat to avoid a serious incident. Explanation and much relief then thanks followed.

All the nastiness going off at the moment when helping someone feels so good??

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Anonymous said...

Well done!

Sarah said...

That sounds exactly like what happened to me in Colwich lock. I had a job to get Jim to drop the paddles as he couldn't believe it was happening and didn't understand whi I couldn't just get forward. In that case it was a gate paddle that had been left open at the top; it was very mystifying.

Nev Wells said...


Colwich would not be a lock to get hung up in as it is deep and as I recall has a big cill. Hunts lock would not have sunk them but would have no doubt damaged their gear.

An interesting lesson on how easily and quickly it can go wrong in a lock