Thursday, 25 August 2011

The generosity of boaters

I am aboard for a while typing this via my Orange Internet. You may recall I had a problem with my dongle being fried whilst on my lads flat electrics. I blogged about it and I had some helpful comments. Non more than from Alan off NB Lazydays who said he had a spare Orange dongle that I could have. How generous was that. He has subsequently sent it on to me very quickly and I am now back up and connected.

I am a believer in paying it forward I have recently responded to a biker who was after some parts for his bike I had them and I have sent them on to him with a request to make a donation to the poppy appeal. I sincerely hope that Alan from NBLazydays gets his bit of good fortune and also shares in the feel good feeling of a good cause getting the benefit of our rolling gesture.

In these days when society seems to get so focused on what is in it for me I think we need to show these gestures so we feel good about being human beings, thanks Alan.

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